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Pen Drive Branding Options

Decisions, decisions, decisions! If you've had a look through the wide range of Pen Drives we can supply, the next challenge will be deciding whether to have them printed, engraved or embossed. The price is the same for each option and each option has its own merits.

If you're not sure the easiest thing to do is call us and talk though your requirements, let us have your artwork and we'll then mock up a range of Pen Drives for you. We can supply graphical mock-ups in all branding options if you want after all we want you to be 100% happy with your decision and if that means creating a few more mock-ups for you then so be it – that's what we're here for.

If it helps, the printing is the most popular option because it's the best way to really show off a brand. If you want to go the extra mile you could also consider combining a printed flash drive with a printed presentation box or tin and possibly even a branded lanyard. Again, if you're not sure just ask. We have some great examples we can show you.

Here's a little summary of the range of printing options available to you on our extensive range of flash drives:


  • Option for metal flash drives only
  • Long lasting techniques that is generally scratch resistant
  • The "engrave" can be colored to improve the visibility
  • It is desired to have on metals that can give elegant look

Spot Colour Printing Process

  • The most popular printing method
  • Suitable for any products sold by HARRY INTERNATIONAL
  • Allows you to print individual colours to build up your logo
  • Not suitable for complex logos with a graduated tint.

Full Colour Printing

  • Full colour printing is effectively photo quality printing
  • Only available on a limited range of Pen Drive
  • Excellent results with even the most complex of designs
  • Slightly more costly option.

Domed Digital Printing

  • Only available on Twister Model of Pen Drives
  • Full colour print with shades and gradients is supported
  • Artwork sits under a protective acrylic layer
  • Full colour print with shades and gradients is supported


  • Produces a very professional(luxurious) finish
  • Elegant look
  • Suitable for leather USB Memory sticks only
  • Extremely tough and resilient

Laser Engraved Pen Drive

Laser engraved USB flash drives not only look stunning but the engraving is going to last lifetime. Because the logo engraved onto the Pen Drive is carved into the metal or wooden shell of the Pen drives there is no danger of logo ever wearing or scratching off. Wooden engraved USB sticks are particularly tangible because the logo is cut more deeply into the wood but both metal and wooden sticks look really classy and are a great alternative to printed Pen drives.

Laser Engraved Pen Drive Packaging

Why not compliment your branded Pen Drive with a high quality laser engraved gift box. We can engrave and carve onto our Black Flip Box and our range of tin boxes (with and without a window).

Panton Color Requirement

Get Your Customized Pen Drive Pantone Matched

If you've taken a look at our product range you'll see that we can supply a wide range of USB memory sticks in a huge range of different colours and styles. Whichever memory stick you choose we're confident that the finished printed product will look fantastic and we've got loads of images on our web site of previous examples we've produced to help you choose.

Do remember whichever image or artwork provided to Harry International should have information mentioned related to pantone color, this will help your logo or branding to stand out the same way it is. Many of our printing methods require a Pantone colour to be identified for true colours. For the best results, we highly recommend that you use a Pantone Color Guide to choose the correct/matching color.

One option you might want to consider is to Pantone Match the body shell of the memory stick to one of the primary colours from your logo or brand. All of our USB flash drives are shown in the range of "standard" factory colours, e.g. red, white, black etc. but some, like the Twister range can be produced in any colour you want.